21 ° In Flanders Fields marathon 08/09/'19 at 10:00

21 ° In Flanders Fields marathon 08/09/'19 at 10:00

IFFm organises the 20th "In Flanders Fields-marathon" in the "Westhoek" of Flanders Belgium.
The start is in Diksmuide.
The marathon follows the river IJzer and small roads before returning towards Diksmuide, and goes further alongside the Ieperlee to the historic town of Ieper - Ypres
The distance is the official 42,195km, measured by an IAAF-official.

Runners from around the world are expected to compete over the battle fields of World War One.
Some of them will run to win or for a personal record whereas others will have personal battles against the wind, distance and fatigue.
As after all the previous events, runners will congratulate each other for their support or competitive spirit during the marathon.

Your participation has supported "Doctors without borders", "Kinderkankerfonds". (children cancer fundraising), Handicap International, etc

In '14-'18 victory in World War One was more important than personal survival.
This time participation in the 'In Flanders Fields-marathon" is more valuable than first place in the race.
Mistakes from the past are a lesson for today and tomorrow.

The "In Flanders Fields-marathon" aims to help build mutual friendship and respect and may help to keep people's mindsopen.
That's why our British, American and Canadian friends talk about the "peace marathon" or " a marathon for peace"!
Participate by running with us in this attractive marathon. Read the very special request from Kristin!( next month)

If you have a relative resting in Flanders Fields why not commemorate their sacrifice by joining in?

André Mingneau